Medical Scribes Boost
Productivity & Profitability

If the physicians in your ER, hospital or group practice are spending more computer time than patient time, burnout and discontent are just the start of your problems. Profitability and patient satisfaction can also be compromised when your clinical staff members devote too much of their precious time and talent to the clerical duties associated with EHR requirements.

iScribeMD medical scribes free physicians to spend more focused and productive time with patients by accompanying them in the exam room or ER to document the details of the visit in compliance with all HIPAA standards and EHR requirements. Scribes help physicians navigate EHR, from documentation and coding to retrieving patient records and lab/radiology results.


Medical scribes can help your hospital or physician group operate more efficiently, creating opportunities to increase profitability and build revenues. In fact, studies have shown revenue increases of as much as 10 to 14 times the invested cost of a scribe program.1

iScribeMD scribe programs improve patient flow, enabling doctors to see more patients per hour and reducing LOS. Real-time charting improves documentation accuracy, which minimizes time spent identifying and correcting errors or incomplete entries. And improved procedure and acuity capture optimizes reimbursements. Additionally, iScribeMD maximizes your ROI because our rates are typically much lower than those charged by large national scribe companies.

Physician Satisfaction

A recent study published by the AMA and the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, and College of Engineering revealed that physicians spend nearly six hours of an 11-hour workday working with EHR; 44% of that time — about 2.6 hours a day — is spent on clerical tasks.2 This isn’t how they want to be spending their time, especially when it means late nights and weekends.

With medical scribes to support them, doctors become happier in their jobs. In turn, patients feel more comfortable and build more meaningful relationships with their doctors, employee morale improves, and productivity rises — all because you’ve lifted the burdensome clerical tasks that have been infringing upon doctors’ professional and personal time.

Patient Satisfaction

Most patients prefer not having a laptop between themselves and their physicians. They want to know that their doctor is 100% focused on their care and that they hear what they’re saying rather than being distracted by note-taking. Conversations become more meaningful and relationships become stronger.

1 Actual Emergency Physicians of Northwest Ohio experience with Scribes working in the Emergency Department and the ability to reduce provider staffing hours.
2 “A Time-Motion Study of Primary Care Physicians’ Work in the Electronic Health
Record Era,” Young, Burge, Kumar, Wilson, Ortiz; STFM Journals, 2018

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