Hospital, Physician and ER Scribes Trained to Support Your Specific Needs
Hospital scribes, physician scribes, ER scribes — wherever you need EMR support, iScribeMD provides you with bright, motivated, highly trained scribes. Our scribes work side-by-side with your physicians and other healthcare practitioners, professionally managing clerical duties so your clinical team can focus on what they do best.

Here are a few examples of duties scribes can perform:

• Contemporaneous completion of H&P
• Documentation of treatments and procedures performed, test results and radiology interpretations, plus progress and consultation notes
• Monitoring of test results to expedite physician review


We recruit scribe candidates from local colleges, seeking those who are interested in healthcare careers, and from the referrals of doctors, nurses and proven scribes. We have a large pool from which to choose, because students recognize that the hands-on experience of being a scribe increases the likelihood of their being admitted to medical school. That means we can be choosy and select the candidates with the highest potential.


Candidates are accepted into the iScribeMD program only upon meeting our strict qualifications for technological expertise and clerical speed. We train these competent, enthusiastic individuals through a rigorous program that includes:

  • 60 hours of classroom and on-the-job training that covers HIPAA compliance, medical terminology, CMS documentation and more
  • Course materials developed by a team of healthcare practitioners who understand the full range of clerical needs in the hospital, ER or physician office setting
  • Training manuals tailored to the specific healthcare location’s documentation system
  • The guidance and oversight of physician instructors and mentors, who ensure that every scribe meets the highest standards for quality, efficiency and integrity
  • Post-training testing, evaluation and certification upon successful completion of our written proficiency exam
  • Ongoing education that addresses the dynamic nature of healthcare compliance and its implications for clerical requirements

Additional Quality Assurance

Remember that iScribeMD is always there to manage your scribe team and keep them at the top of their game. We regularly audit their charts for quality assurance, review their performance, offer them advice for continuous improvement and help them hone their skills to provide your medical team with the precise level of support they need.

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