Your Scribe Program:
A Customized, Turnkey Solution
Your ideal scribe program will address your priorities, whether they relate to patient and physician satisfaction, charting speed and accuracy for HIPAA compliance and improved workflow, or profitability issues based on factors such as total patient visits, patients seen per hour, cost per visit and average length of stay.
iScribeMD stands out from other scribe companies in our commitment to designing a turnkey scribe program unique to your needs and goals. Our process begins with a conversation that helps us understand exactly what you’d like your scribe program to accomplish. Then, we handle everything from recruiting to day-to-day management and quality assurance.

HR Management

Your scribes are employed by iScribeMD, so we recruit, screen, interview, hire, train and compensate them on your behalf. We conduct all health screening and background checks as required by your hospital or clinic, and ensure compliance with all of your new-employee policies. (There are no licensure issues with scribes since their function is strictly clerical.)

Our selection process and training program are rigorous: We accept only the best and brightest applicants to ensure your scribe team is motivated, efficient and professional.

Day-to-Day Leadership

In the early stages of adopting your scribe program, full-time trainers will remain on-site to mentor and support your scribes until they are comfortable and proficient in their roles. After that, iScribeMD continues to provide strong, dedicated leadership behind the scenes to ensure the successful day-to-day operations of your scribe program. Our enthusiastic physicians provide oversight, and our seasoned support staff is always available to address questions or challenges.

Quality Assurance

Our management team conducts chart audits and performance reviews regularly for quality assurance purposes. We believe in ongoing training and continuous improvement, so we are always looking for ways to make your scribe experience even more beneficial to your facility and your team. Your scribe program is designed to drive efficiencies, patient and physician satisfaction, and profitability. Count on iScribeMD to deliver!

Free Trial

We are so confident that you’ll love scribe services from iScribeMD that we invite you to try them at absolutely no cost. We want you to see for yourself the positive impact a scribe program could have on your physician and patient satisfaction, workflow, patient flow, and bottom line. Let’s talk about it! Call us at 567-408-2005 and we’ll share all the details.

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