Interested in a Medical Career?
Become a Scribe!
If you’re planning to go to medical school and want your resume to truly stand out, becoming a scribe can give you a real edge. You’ll earn income as you learn the ins and outs of what it takes to succeed in an ER, a hospital or a physician’s office.

What does a scribe do?

A medical scribe accompanies a doctor or other health practitioner to patient visits and documents those visits in real time so the physician can focus on their conversation with, and examination of, the patient. Scribes record the patient’s history and physical exam findings, lab and radiology results, procedures, diagnoses, etc.

At a time when electronic health records (EHR) are required in every practice and hospital in the United States, doctors need strong, reliable scribes to accurately and completely capture and code each patient encounter.

Scribes are integral members of the healthcare team, providing real-time charting for providers and performing a variety of helpful tasks throughout their shifts, including handling phone calls, retrieving lab reports and managing other duties as needed to improve physician efficiency.
Being a scribe provides a wonderful opportunity to get exposure to the world of medicine. You may:

  • Gain first-hand experience working in a clinical setting
  • Learn more about various medical professions by working alongside doctors, PAs, NPs, nurses, etc.
  • Observe the medical decision-making process at various stages in the process
  • Review radiology studies, EKGs and laboratory results with a provider
  • Witness procedures such as injections, central lines and intubations
  • Build your resume and make it stand out with real-world experience

iScribeMD provides comprehensive training that includes classroom instruction, self-study and bedside training.

Pay varies based on your geographic location.

  • Minimum of a high school diploma; college students interested in healthcare preferred
  • Keyboard/typing proficiency (40 WPM or higher)
  • Ability to learn and apply basic medical terminologies and techniques
  • Ability to recognize and respect delicate and confidential patient information
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Project management skills

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After being in medical school for only two weeks, I
already feel more prepared than the majority of students
here, thanks to my experiences with iScribeMD. I am the
only student in my small group who does not start
sweating at the thought of seeing a patient or
taking an HPI.
Working as a scribe with iScribeMD has been a wonderful
experience. I cannot think of another job that would have
better prepared me for a career in medicine, as I had the
opportunity to observe physicians practicing and
interacting with their patients daily. I would recommend
this job to anyone interested in a career in medicine.
Being a Scribe during nursing school has been incredible.
The experience is unbelievable. I know I will be a better
nurse in the near future because I was a Scribe. I was
able to see patient care from all angles and was
constantly improving my critical thinking skills.
My life is easier, I have more time, and I make more.
Working for iScribe has been a great experience. The
people I have met and the experiences I have had
confirmed that medicine in the correct career for me. I
have no doubt that the skills I have developed working
as a scribe will help me be a better clinician in my
future career.
Our iScribeMD scribes are very dependable. I’m grateful
for the experience and knowledge I’ve obtained while
working as an ED scribe. #ScribeSoHard
While I realized that working in the ER would help
me in medical school, I did not realize how many
different areas it would help me with and how early
in my medical career I would notice the effects.
Every day thus far there has been a topic discussed
in one of my lectures, labs, or clinical experiences
that I had learned or seen previously
in the ER. Amazing!
I was at a crossroads in my career ambitions, and
working with iScribeMD in the ED reinvigorated my
desire to pursue the medical field. The firsthand
experience of being a scribe will surely benefit me
in the long run.

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