Scribe Services for Physicians
by Physicians: We Get It.
The best medical scribe services are those created by people who understand physicians’ challenges because they’ve walked in their shoes — professionals who recognize the pressure ever-increasing regulations put on doctors, as they strive to manage their patient loads, and administrators, as they strive to run profitable operations.

Medical Scribes Boost
Productivity & Profitability

If the physicians in your ER, hospital or group practice are spending more computer time than patient time, burnout and discontent are just the start of your problems. Profitability and patient satisfaction can also be compromised when your clinical staff members devote too much of their precious time and talent to the clerical duties associated with EHR requirements.

iScribeMD medical scribes free physicians to spend more focused and productive time with patients by accompanying them in the exam room or ER to document the details of the visit in compliance with all HIPAA standards and EHR requirements. Scribes help physicians navigate EHR, from documentation and coding to retrieving patient records and lab/radiology results.

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We look forward to easing the burdens of medical documentation and helping your hospital or practice become more profitable!


Our Clients Share... iScribeMD has improved the efficiency and completeness of our EMR. Our Clients Share... iScribeMD’s scribes make my job easier and afford me a tremendous amount of additional time to take care of my patients. Our Clients Share... When the day is over, my work is done! Our Clients Share... Our iScribeMD scribes are very dependable and helpful. They increase our efficiency and accuracy. Our Clients Share... This is great: Scribes do the documenting so I don’t have to!

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